Colombia La Estrella (Grand Cru)

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Premium Single Origin
  • Location: Colombia, Acevedo, Huila
  • Producer: Finca La Estrella, John Wilmer Cuellar
  • Growing altitude:  1.500 meters
  • Processing method: Washed
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Flavour notes: Hibiscus, Raspeberry & Apricot
  • Roasting: Light
  • Good for: All brewing methods

The story behind the cup:


Acevedo is located in the south east of the Department of Huila and it is worldwide known for offering interesting coffee varieties produced by the different existing microclimates throughout its territory. Indeed, the weather diversity, the level of humidity, the temperature variation and the rain set the ideal conditions to provide multiple coffee profiles.

John Willmer Cuellar is the owner of the farm La Estrella who makes the most exploiting this land particular conditions to offer a coffee profile sweeter and more complex.
One of the varieties offered is the Pink Bourbon which, as we know, even with ideal conditions is very difficult to harvest. Pink Bourbon is the result of a natural hybrid process between the Yellow Bourbon and Red Bourbon. We would all agreed this coffee has enough peculiarities to offer an unusual coffee profile.