Brazil - Morning Light (Single Origin)

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Probably one of your best MORNING HIT!

Thanks to Capricornio Coffees, we are able to offer you a sustainable, consistent and qualitative coffee for all your early mornings.

Besides that, our Morning Light will offer you the perfect combination between smoothness and body with its intense notes of dark chocolate.

  • Location : São Paulo, Circuito das Águas Paulistas
  • Producer : Local farmers blend (Single Origin)
  • Growing altitude : 500 – 1500 meters
  • Processing method : Pulped Natural
  • Flavour notes : Dark chocolate and hazelnuts / smooth and sweet
  • Roasting : Medium

The story behind the cup : 

Capricornio coffee and 20 passionate farmers are working side by side to breathe new life in five regions in the southern states of Parana and Sao Paulo. Those regions have been left out due to terrible frost and the rise of major coffee regions up North. They started the « four seasons project » to help farmers developing sustainable farms with the aim of producing better quality all-year round and providing farmers and their families a decent livelihood.