Ethiopia Sidama (Single Origin)

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A sweet and creamy mouthfeel accompanied with a pleasant acidity.
  • Location : Sidama Bensa region, Ethiopia
  • Producer : Daye Bensa, multivillage lot 
  • Growing altitude : 1800 - 2000 meters
  • Processing method : Washed
  • Flavour notes : Citrus fruit, floral & caramel
  • Roasting : Medium

The Story Behind the cup:

Daye Bensa: 

Daye Bensa  is a coffee export company, founded by the brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo, in 2006. Asefa and Mulugeta have lots of experience, and started out as coffee suppliers in the Sidama area. The younglings of the family have also joined the company as Daye Bensa started to grow, and now gentlemen like Kenean, schooled in the USA work at commerce and finance, and Eliyas on Quality. 

Washing stations:

The company works with various communities of outgrowers from who they receive cherries. Daye Bensa works with multiple washing stations in Sidama Bensa area. They are receiving cherries from producers that are mostly organic by default. The lack of access to resources in the last decades has limited the usage and application of chemical fertilizers.

Cup of Excellence:

In 2020, Daye Bensa won the 7th place in the Cup of Excellence with their Assefa Dukamo Natural, grown on Gatta farm and processed in Shantawene station. This year, Assefa Dukamo of Daye Bensa is participating with a washed Hamasho coffee and reached the 8th place in the ranking.