About us

When two guys from Southern Brussels realize they speak the same coffee language... 

La BAIE was born

"The french translation of Bay. (noun.) : a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inwards."

"The french translation of Berry. (noun.) : a small roundish juicy fruit without a stone."

Our values

Quality / Sustainability / Transparency / Eco-friendly

    Our Roasting approach

    Roasting is our job and our passion.
    At the end, we are only a small part of a much bigger process.
    We roast our coffee prioritising smoothness and body in your cup by developing their profiles with a second and a 0,1°C accuracy.


     Our sourcing philosophy

    When we first started to sell our coffee we were often asked if we were certified organic and fair trade.
    Even if those labels have a real impact on our food and drink industry, we were not really inspired by them. Instead, we preferred to favor an existing movement that focusses on quality.
    Paying for quality seems to be the most appropriate solution when you are aware of how the coffee industry is manage by big coffee companies.
    That’s why we source our coffee from trusted specialty coffee importers. We are looking for total transparency from them to ensure that farmers get the financial part they deserve.


     At the end, the most important is that you can taste the difference while drinking our coffee.