La Baie Coffee Roasters X Cali


Cali Waterloo

Cali was born from a meeting. A meeting between healthy food and specialty coffee enthusiasts.

During the lockdown, the La Baie Coffee team, a young artisanal specialty coffee roaster from Waterloo, opened its first coffee shop in the center of Waterloo. The coffee shop became very quickly successful. People could enjoy a delicious (take-away) cappuccino, flat white, ... and fill up on freshly roasted coffee beans.

With their heads full of ideas, the La Baie duo wanted to go a step further.

The collaboration with their friends from Myro, the healthy Brussels food brand was obvious. The perfect combo was born: food & coffee. Two worlds brought together to create a unique project.

Cali is the Californian mood gathering healthy lifestyle, relaxation and good coffee.

 You will find all our freshly roasted coffee beans as well as some delicious sweets, savoury and drinks. Every week, we will also propose an other coffee in our discovery grinder. Dare to try something new!