Colombia Santa Barbara

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Have you ever tried an anaerobic coffee ?
If yes, you are probably give it a go to this one as well.
If not, we think that you should add this one to your cart :D
  • Location : Colombia, Acevedo, Huila 
  • Producer : Finca Santa Barbara, Jhon Sambony & Heliodoro Castillo
  • Growing altitude :  2.000 meters
  • Processing method : Anaerobic
  • Variety : Red Bourbon
  • Flavour notes : Full body, hints of chocolate and orange
  • Roasting : Medium
  • Good for : Espresso and filter

The story behind the cup:

In this anaerobic fermentation process, the coffee beans are placed in a vacuum sealed tank, limiting the oxygen presence. Throughout the process, the sugar content, pressure, Ph, temperature and duration are controlled. This method, we are so fond of, has the objective of arising a complex bouquet and a profile for a demanding taste and are offered in Red Bourbon micro batches with both, sweet and fruity notes.