Congo Katana

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Expect a light body with bright flavors of tropical and stone fruits.

Location: Katana, South Kivu Region - Democratic Republic Congo
Producer: The cooperative society RAEK
Growing altitude: 1400 - 1800 meters
Processing method: Fully washed (with mountain water)
Variety: Bourbon
Flavor notes: Tropical & stone fruits

The story behind this coffee:

East of Congo

A few years ago, almost no one had ever heard of the specialty coffee phenomenon in the East of Congo. However, in 2017 our green coffee buyer discovered a state of the art washing station with organic fertilisation, reforestations schemes and an amazing coffee with a cupping score of 87+.

Learning from the best

In 2018, our importer connected them to their friends at Abakundakawa Rushashi to teach them how to make natural process to save water and diversify. And that’s exactly the kind of team spirit we love so much at La Baie Coffee Roasters.