Congo Ngula

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Expect a deep sweet coffee with a smooth, toffee-like body
  • Location Bugarula, Idjwi, South Kivu Region - Democratic Republic Congo
  • Producer  Ngula
  • Growing altitude: 1600-1800m
  • Processing method: Natural
  • Flavour notes: Toffee and dry fruit
  • Roasting: Medium
  • Goof for: Espresso and filter

The story behind the cup : 

The island of Idjwi is not a place you used to hear about often, but with the digital awakening of Africa and an influx of interest from the development community, we are starting to understand its equally tragic as wonderful history. A refuge for rebels, a smuggler's hotspot, a volcanic danger zone or the Kivu region's newest specialty coffee discovery - all describe this remote lake island accurately.

Specialty coffee for CPNCK (one of the island's most progressive farmer cooperatives) is a means to defer young adults from becoming rebels and strengthens the island's position against smugglers and bandits.