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La Baie Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Koromi

Ethiopia Koromi

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La Baie Coffee X YVSE

This amazing Ethiopian coffee from East of Guji has one of a kind cup profile with sweet yet fruity aroma that will blow your mind away. This coffee was used to present to the judges of France Barista Championship 2023 in Lyon. Now, you can enjoy this coffee at home or in your favorite coffee shop, Cali.

  • Growing altitude : 2000-2178m.
  • Processing method : NATURAL
  • Flavour notes : CHERRY, PEACH, VANILLA
  • Roasting : MEDIUM

The story behind the cup:


The Koromii Farmers Group is located a few minutes walk from the Sookoo Group's "Suke Kuto" drying facility. The Sookoo group is led by Ture Waji, a Shakisso district/woreda resident who is an expert in local agronomy and permaculture.
Most farms are located in dense forest with a large canopy of ancient forest trees. Below are other smaller shade trees and some mixed crops, including enset (banana) and other food crops among the coffee trees. In every corner of these farms, there are wild plants
and ancient flowers that maintain the original biodiversity of this ancient forest. As the trees die, they are left behind to nourish the soil from which they originated. This maintains the insect-controlling ecosystem and reduces the spread of fungi.


Every day, the coffee is collected from the farmers of the Koromii group and sent to the drying station within a few hours. Suke Kuto station is owned and operated by Ture Waji and his business partner Egata, and run by Roba Goljo. The cherries are selected when they are perfectly ripe, with sorting also taking place upstream by removing the floating cherries. The cherries are then spread on African beds 2 to 4 cm thick to avoid any unwanted fermentation during drying.
The cherries are then turned 5 to 6 times a day to ensure even drying. In case of rain and during the night, they are covered to avoid their re-wetting. The drying time varies between 24-28 days and the cherries are removed from the beds when the moisture content reaches 10-10.5%. The coffee is then moved to be stored with that of other Koromii farmers.


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