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La Baie Deca

La Baie Deca

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Brazil Daterra

We are pleased to offer a classic Brazil decaf.

  • Location : Cerrado, Brazil
  • Producer : Daterra
  • Growing altitude : 1000-1200m
  • Processing method : Tree-dried natural
  • Flavour notes : Roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, blueberry
  • Roasting : Medium

The story behind the cup:

This offering from Brazil’s renowned Daterra brings to light the beloved, rich flavors Brazilian coffees are known for with an added fruit depth from tree-dried natural processing.

This blend of Arabica varieties is dried not on a patio, like many Brazilian naturals, but right on the tree itself—beans are then selected using Daterra’s state-of-the-art processing methods to ensure the very fruitiest beans are chosen to contribute to Summer Solstice.

Situated in Cerrado, Brazil, Daterra is the world’s only B Corp certified farm, and has made a name for itself not only through technology and innovation but a commitment to sustainability. From coffee production and environmental stewardship to reducing carbon footprint and packaging waste, every decision Daterra makes is towards a wider ambition to use innovation to make coffee more sustainable.

This particular coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified.


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