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La Baie Coffee Roasters

Peru Erapata

Peru Erapata

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What to expect:


  • Location : Erapata - CUSCO
  • Producer : Gerado Quispe - Finca Mandor
  • Growing altitude : 2380-2450m.
  • Processing method : Fully Washed/Dry fermentation 36 hours/Dried on raised beds from 10 to 12 days
  • Flavour notes : Caramelised pear, peach and citrus
  • Roasting : Medium

The story behind the cup:


Amongst each producer in the Incahuasi Cooperative are shared methods of agroforestry. The coop provides agronomists in the field to consult with the farmers aswell as providing knowledge and support on utilizing organic compost and fertilization. This is carried out twice a year for both the flowering and ripening of the coffee cherry.

Many farmers separate their coffee plantations from their other agricultural production planting only shade trees in between the coffee plants. Mostly Indigenousspecies are planted for shade trees including cedro, tarco, robel and yanay. This helps to maintain the ecosystem and insect populations.


Fully ripened cherries are picked and then floated in water before pulping to remove any unripe or insect damaged cherries. Once this sorting takes place the cherries are pulped into clean fermentation tanks where they are left to ferment without water in their own muscalage. The cool climate keeps this process stable with shortened fermentation times of 24-36 hours. Dry fermentation also reduces the impact of waste water on the surrounding enviroment.

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