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La Baie Coffee Roasters



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Our flavourful HOUSE BLEND.

This blend is made from 3 different coffees :

Brazil Diamond 50% – A smooth and neutral Brazilian coffee with a light acidity and some nice chocolate and nutty tastes that won’t overpower the flavor of the 2 other coffees. That’s why it is a great choice to make the base for our blend.

Guatemala Huehuetenango 25% – Our second coffee is from Finca La Bendicion in the region of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. This coffee adds a floral touch to the blend.

Honduras Santa Rosa 25% – The third and last coffee is from Santa Rosa de Copán in Honduras. Its big-bodied and sweet profile with herbal and chocolate notes makes it the perfect buddy for a blend.

At the end we pushed the roast a bit further to offer you a pleasing balance of moderate acidity, mellow caramels and big body.

Perfect for all you espresso based drinks!


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