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We choose to blend our famous Pulped Natural Brazil Capricornio with two Washed and fruity coffee from Colombia and Peru. Brazil Capricornio gives a sweet base when Colombia Argote and Peru Churupampa bring complexity and  juicy notes to our blend.


  • Location : São Paulo, Circuito das Águas Paulistas
  • Producer : Local farmers blend (Single Origin)


  • Location Colón Génova - Nariño, Colombia
  • Producer : Adiela Argote


  • Location  Chirinos, San Ignacio - Cajamarca, Pérou
  • Producer Finca Churupampa

The story behind the coffee:


Capricornio coffee is located on the line of Capricorn (hence the name!) and therefore quite distant from the Equator, this means that winters are colder and average temperature is lower. The coffees will need to work harder to ripen, which increases the sweetness of the flavor, creating a very distinct coffee.


Many in the coffee world have come across the name “Nariño” at some point, perhaps most famously from the fact that Starbucks sells it as a single origin offer. Nowadays there isn’t a village in the mountains of Nariño that doesn’t have sign of a campaign running from some big coffee companies like Starbucks and Nespresso. But ever since the rise of the Third Wave and direct trade relationships, other regions such as Huila and Medellín have stolen some of Nariño’s thunder.

Take it from us, though: Nariño is still one of the main stars of Third Wave Colombian coffee and an incredible coffee origin. Rainfall, temperature, solar radiation, organic matter in the soil, and even wind conditions are all perfectly fit to entice the coffee shrub to make the best cherries possible. 

Within Nariño, the altitude at which the village of Colón is situated is perhaps this coffee’s most unique feature: On the one hand, the shape of the mountains here allows the warm, moist winds from the valley to blow upwards at night, which makes coffee cultivation here viable at altitudes that elsewhere would kill the fragile shrubs. On the other hand, cold trade winds from the south find their way to this region. This interchange of cold and warm influence makes temperatures here fluctuate between 7 and 30 degrees Celsius, forcing the coffee to hold on to and trigger the production of more sugars, the solubles responsible for the acidity of the coffee. These dreamlike conditions are unlike we’ve ever seen anywhere in the world, and are what gives this coffee its beautiful acidities, smooth mouthfeel, and pronounced aromas.


Finca Churupampa (a Quechua word, ch’uru means "snail" and pampa means "plains") quickly became a shiny example of how to integrate agronomic best practices, focused on healthy plants and soil nutrition, and enhancing quality, focused on planting the right varieties and investing in proper processing and drying infrastructure. Quality control is also not new to them. Eber – one of the founders of Finca Churupampa – was one of the first Peruvian cuppers to become Q certified over ten years ago. Lot separation and quality evaluation is routine work at Finca Churupampa. 


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