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La Baie Coffee Roasters

Seasonal Blend

Seasonal Blend

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A little bit harder to explain than our other blends because of its nuances. But you can expect intense jammy notes from the natural Ethiopian with a nice body and deep sweetness from the washed Kenyan. It may seems crazy to blend such delicious single origin coffees, but when you will try it, you will understand why.

60% Kenya

  • Location: Barbeton, Kiminini, Trans Nzoia county.
  • Producer: Gloria Glummerus.
  • Growing altitude1,800 -1984 meters above sea level.
  • Processing method: Washed

40% Ethiopia

  • Location:  Limu Kossa, Jimma Zone, Oromia Region
  • Producer:  Sultan Bawari
  • Growing altitude1,840 - 2,130 meters above sea level.
  • Processing method: Natural


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