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La Baie Coffee Roasters

The Body Blend

The Body Blend

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For those who love their cup of coffee with a round mouthfeel, a big body and a subtle bitterness.

We choose to blend our famous Brazil Capricornio with one of the cleanest and nicest robusta in the world, which is from Indonesia.


  • Location : São Paulo, Circuito das Águas Paulistas
  • Producer : Local farmers blend (Single Origin)


  • Location Rende Nao, East Manggarai (Flores)
  • Producer Assosiasi Petani Kopi Manggarai (ASNIKOM)

The story behind the coffee:

Capricornio coffees is located on the line of Capricorn (hence the name!) and therefore quite distant from the Equator, this means that winters are colder and average temperature is lower. The coffees will need to work harder to ripen, which increases the sweetness of the flavor, creating a very distinct coffee.

The regency of East Manggarai (also known as Flores) is one of the poorest regions of Indonesia. ASNIKOM is a locally owned cooperative and produces both arabica and robusta coffees. For its robustas, it has won several prizes and is renowned as one of the cleanest and nicest out in the world. They use the same standards and machinery for robusta as they do for arabica, leading to a spicy, very full bodied robusta that is pleasantly bitter because of its caffeine content, sweet chocolaty and very clean. It is a robusta that clearly can change the bad reputation this variety has.

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